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Chiropractic Service is a fairly new term on the medical scene. Originally this method of treatment was used by spinal doctors and chiropractors, but has recently been embraced by insurance companies and other payers. If you have questions about coverage, eligibility, and other important facts regarding this practice, it's encouraged that you seek the guidance of a trusted health insurance provider to better understand what chiropractic service means, how it fits into your health insurance plans, and what you can expect to get out of it. A common question among consumers is whether they need a Chiropractor's Service and/or a Chiropractic Suite. This article focuses on a common question that helps clarify the coverage of this treatment and how it fits into your health insurance plan: Do I qualify for a Chiropractic Service?

As detailed above, the short answer is "Yes, you do". Medicare does cover chiropractic services, specifically a manual manipulation of the back spine to correct subluxations. This is typically covered as an office visit. To be eligible, the patient must visit a licensed and registered Olympia chiropractor who is accredited through the National Certification Board for Chiropractic. You will be required to demonstrate proof of your current chiropractic service history, including the number of sessions you have had previously.

While it's not likely that Medicare cover chiropractic services, it is worth noting that many insurance providers do offer coverage for some forms of alternative treatment. For example, many insurers pay for manual manipulation, although it's typically not covered under regular office visits. However, most insurance plans do cover chiropractic services when done under a physician's supervision.

To learn more about whether your particular insurance provider offers chiropractic treatment, call your local Medicare provider or call the Medicare Web site. There, you'll find links to various insurers who offer different plans, as well as links to individual companies that offer this service. Even if your plan doesn't include chiropractic service, there may still be a link to other health care providers that do.

The next question is how much chiropractic service is covered by your plan? In most cases, Medicare covers chiropractic services for non-surgical treatments, such as manual manipulation and spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is usually covered only in severe cases, such as a herniated disc. If you've had vertebral subluxations, your primary care doctor can provide this service. But in the case of non-surgical spinal manipulation, Medicare only covers the parts of spinal manipulation that are deemed medically necessary.

One of the common types of non-surgical spinal manipulation that is covered by Medicare include ultrasound therapies, such as spinal tap therapy, or cold therapy, such as acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Some chiropractors offer "chiropractic services" that include manual therapy, pressure relief, spinal manipulation and low level laser therapy. The cold therapy may also be offered separately. But remember, cold therapy won't address chronic neck or back pain, acute pain, lack of function or spinal abnormalities that result from illnesses or injury. Check out more services from chiropractic Olympia.

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